He should have been:

A brilliant mash-up of the RickRolling Internet thing. I’d try to explain it for those unfamiliar, but I’m not all together certain myself. Something about disguising a link to his “Never Gonna Give You Up” YouTube video in a comment to make people click on it, and I guess annoy them.

But my question is, whoever disliked seeing a Rick Astley video?

I remember I was in Miami, visiting my uncle, the first time I saw this video/heard this song, which I’ve always completely loved:

I mean, come on, how cool was the Rick? Conan O’Brian has Rick hair. Long before Parker Lewis, Rick Astley couldn’t lose.

Here’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” Popped Up:

Which shows Rick Astley wore raincoats better than Columbo.

I wish I could dance like Rick Astley.

That’d be so awesome.