Multiple Enthusiasms

Infinite jest. Excellent fancy. Flashes of merriment.

Eventually the you

I write to
And about
Will be someone.
Eventually, my lady, you
Will have a
A personality,
A face.
Eventually I will know
Just who you are,
You, about whom I have
Wondered for years.
Eventually I will not
Have to settle for a
Good time.
Eventually I will
Find you,
Know you when I
See you,
Hear you,
When your soft, light
Finally echo from my
Dreams to my floor.
Thank God I’m


One of six poems in the collection, and one of the earliest overall. I wrote it during college, which is also true of “Inspiration Point,” “This Ain’t Wonderland,” and “A New Drink.” This was, of course, at a time when I thought every line of a poem should be capitalized (I’m no longer sure, and I’d concede this one might look better without the capped lines). These and my other college poems were the ones that came closest to not making it into the collection, in fact, because I thought so much else seemed so much stronger, but one of the good things about doing it in the first place was recording those times.

I think every writer has early work that makes them cringe a little. I know I have a novel on the top shelf of the closet in my parents basement, which will, as far as I’m concerned, remain there forever (or at least until they move), a big, thick, hunk of a novel I thought it took nearly a ream of paper to tell. I’m pretty sure it’s up near 500 single-spaced pages.

Better I offer you the poems than that, I think. The poems, it’s fun to see how I’ve grown.

The novel you might just bludgeon me with were I to try to sell it to you.

As well you should.

It’s nice to know, as well as a little ironic, that a couple of you cited this and other poetry as your favorite. We are so rarely good at judging what of our work will appeal to others.


Like this? Remember to buy the book; it’s only available for a limited time, and all proceeds go to the United Way NYC as tribute to those we lost on September 11th, 2001.


  1. My favourite poem is “Inspiration Point” – I was flipping through the book this morning, and I think I read it twenty times. That poem reminds me of countless nights I looked up at the stars with Chad. Times when we wanted so badly some recognition for our efforts, times when we both felt like it was an endless cycle of repetative days. Times I wanted to shout and scream at the moon, because I felt so damn tired. We both were looking for inspiration.

    I dunno. The stories in Entrekin feel very romantic, they feel real. I don’t get a sense of them being fake or phony or too overwritten. I think that’s why I like them so much. My favourite story is, “A Little Heaven.” I love the french girl, and it’s a sexy story without being corny.

    Entrekin is awesome because I think the collection has something for everyone.

  2. @Lisa: I’ll have to do that one next, then! It’s so funny that I ask what parts everyone likes and everyone says poetry.

    Maybe I should write more of it.

    I liked your story, there, and I appreciate your words more than ever. So thanks.

  3. You should.


    you’re welcome.

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