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ZOMG We’re on the Goddamned MOON

Just caught this video:


Which I thought was awesome and highly recommend, though warning for the sensitive ears; there’s some, like, language. And not language like big words or excrement or incest, but words people think are naughty.

So if you can’t handle the word ‘fuck,’ don’t watch that shit, yo.

It is, apparently, a video representation of an old Onion article.

It reminded me of a bit by Eddie Izzard, the British transvestite comedian, and the funniest bloke I’ve ever seen even disregarding that he wears a skirt.

Which I found on Youtube, enacted via Legos:

I think both bring up a very salient point, which is that as unrealistic dialogue goes, “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” has as tin an ear as Lovecraft ever managed. I mean, for seriously, who says that?

People who know me would conjecture mine would be: “Dude. I’m on the fucking moon. How completely and totally fucking rad is this? This is unsane.

Now: what can I blow up?”

(that last bit is a total joke. My first thought on landing on the moon would not be demolition thereon. Although, gotta say: explosions in a low-g environment?

Oh, bring it on!)

I was going to ask you what you’d say, but now I want to know what you’d blow up.

I want to bring all my friends and render the name of the Sea of Tranquility completely inappropriate.


  1. I’ve been away for too long and come back to blowing up the moon? *grin*

    I’ve been on an internet holiday except for direct email correspondence so that I could write. Five thousand words a day in addition to all my mom/wife/housekeeping duties. Some days I working on random fanfic instead of Island or Forgotten when I could not figure out where to go on either of them, but I was still writing.

  2. @Miya: welcome back! We’ve missed you! And five thousand words? ZOMG! Awesome!

  3. When I have something to say, it comes quickly. If I try to force it, I can spend all day to just get 200 to flow. Luckily, I had some inspiration and worked on some new techniques as I went. I am hoping that since I have proved to myself I can do it, that the NANOWRIMO contest will be a piece of cake that I can get out of the way in the first week and then spend a week or two editing before submission.
    I guess I finally decided that it was time to stop thinking about writing and really do it- stop playing around with a few sentences here and there on the stories that have been in my head and get them out on paper, or in this case onto my laptop. I have resources at my disposal that a lot of first time authors don’t- a semi-famous author as a good friend and her editor friends asking for my work after her rave reviews to them about me. I took Island off the backburner, finished all but three key scenes that weren’t coming out how I wanted- but I did sketch them out roughly- and started outlining chapters for the rest of Pantheon, have a good chunk of book 1 finished, book 2 is outlined and have the dream segments done, and have the final two chapters of book 3 written.

    I missed being here. Your blog was my first stop when I stopped my self-imposed internet grounding. I receive email alerts when you update and I had to just archive them because I knew if I opened and started reading I wouldn’t stop.

  4. Blowing up stuff on the moon is kinda hard without fire. You want to know what I would blow up? I’ll tell you when you tell me how you would blow stuff up.

    I couldn’t find the video (damn it) but I saw on tv once this old comedian talking and he was saying something along the lines of, “Neil Armstrong was a idiot. ‘One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind’? That guy could have made money. That guy could have been set for life if he worked with a company. *slams foot on the stage* COCA-COLA!!!”

  5. @Miya: you have no idea how that comment warmed my cockles. Which might sound duhty, but isn’t, I swear.

    @Gotham: that’s an awesome joke. And your question might just be a future post. In fact, I think it is.

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