1. MIYA

    I’ve been away for too long and come back to blowing up the moon? *grin*

    I’ve been on an internet holiday except for direct email correspondence so that I could write. Five thousand words a day in addition to all my mom/wife/housekeeping duties. Some days I working on random fanfic instead of Island or Forgotten when I could not figure out where to go on either of them, but I was still writing.

  2. MIYA

    When I have something to say, it comes quickly. If I try to force it, I can spend all day to just get 200 to flow. Luckily, I had some inspiration and worked on some new techniques as I went. I am hoping that since I have proved to myself I can do it, that the NANOWRIMO contest will be a piece of cake that I can get out of the way in the first week and then spend a week or two editing before submission.
    I guess I finally decided that it was time to stop thinking about writing and really do it- stop playing around with a few sentences here and there on the stories that have been in my head and get them out on paper, or in this case onto my laptop. I have resources at my disposal that a lot of first time authors don’t- a semi-famous author as a good friend and her editor friends asking for my work after her rave reviews to them about me. I took Island off the backburner, finished all but three key scenes that weren’t coming out how I wanted- but I did sketch them out roughly- and started outlining chapters for the rest of Pantheon, have a good chunk of book 1 finished, book 2 is outlined and have the dream segments done, and have the final two chapters of book 3 written.

    I missed being here. Your blog was my first stop when I stopped my self-imposed internet grounding. I receive email alerts when you update and I had to just archive them because I knew if I opened and started reading I wouldn’t stop.


    Blowing up stuff on the moon is kinda hard without fire. You want to know what I would blow up? I’ll tell you when you tell me how you would blow stuff up.

    I couldn’t find the video (damn it) but I saw on tv once this old comedian talking and he was saying something along the lines of, “Neil Armstrong was a idiot. ‘One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind’? That guy could have made money. That guy could have been set for life if he worked with a company. *slams foot on the stage* COCA-COLA!!!”

  4. @Miya: you have no idea how that comment warmed my cockles. Which might sound duhty, but isn’t, I swear.

    @Gotham: that’s an awesome joke. And your question might just be a future post. In fact, I think it is.

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