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Yes We Did


  1. Indeed.

    I am sure I will be able to read better when my eyes aren’t so blurry from crying.

  2. “Racial Barrier falls as Voters Embrace Call for Chang”

    What is this “Chang” I am suppose to be embracing.

    I woulld like to see the stream of cuss words that would have come out of your sweet New Jersey mouth had Obamama lost. Can you provide a sample.

    I feel like this might not be real. Maybe that’s because Obama IS hope and not just giver of it. Or maybe I need to stay awake during the damn voting count…

  3. Change is exciting, and it’s obvious by the polls that most are ready for it.

  4. I can’t even tell you all the emotions I went through last night. My brother stayed up with me watching the election and Obama’s speech.

    The entire world, not just the US, is ready for this change.

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