1. MIYA

    I’ll trade you your block for my lack of time to get the words out as quickly as they are coming.

  2. Good writing is a lot like good lovin’…welp, and good anything…I guess.

    You can’t force it. No matter how much you want it. No matter how briliant and fantastic you are at it. No matter how much you deserve it. Doesn’t matter at all. It comes when it’s supposed to…when you need it to…when you can’t help but get it right. It isn’t a decision. It isn’t work. It isn’t inspiration. It just is. No explanation. No formula.

    Somehow, I always knew that about writing. It took me a really long time to get it with lovin’…and, well, that was really just a retrospective sorta thing. In the trenches of it, I was blind. And, now, I think I may be getting it in my big question of this year. And it’s finally not that scary. Because it just is.

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