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Wishes for 2009

2005 was the year I realized I wanted to go to graduate school.

2006 was the year I started at USC.

2007 was the year I published my first book.

2008 was the year I earned my master’s degree.

I wonder, now, what 2009 will bring.

Each year seems to have been better than the last, and as stories of lives go, that makes me lucky. Every year I meet new people, make new friends I can’t live without, learn new things about myself and the world.

This New Year’s Eve, tonight, I’m wrapping up old things as I gear up to begin new ones, which is pretty much exactly as it should be, I think.

This New Year’s Eve, too, I wish the same for you. A new year, and new challenges. New days and new dawns and new decisions and new directions. May you surprise yourself, and startle yourself, and in some way, however small or large, exceed your own expectations. May you find something new you love, and may you find comfort in something else besides you’ve done for years. I wish you the excitement of new lips or the comfort of familiar ones. I wish you family, whether that be of blood or of bond. I wish you a cold glass of water on an extremely hot day, and a fireside evening on a cold night, the satisfaction of a job well done and the contentment of a day well lived.


  1. I hope that 2009 brings you all the good things that you deserve.

    I want this year to be the year that everything falls in to place. Finishing my degree and moving out is number one…After that…everything else will make sense.

  2. @PQ: thank you, and I hope the same for you. In fact, I wish you for that lack of sense is okay, which was one of the biggest revelations of my entire life.

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