1. @Gotham: I probably won’t know until I write it. I’m getting an Eddie Izzard-esque funny from it. Dry humor for wet horror, I guess. Or something like that.

    “You’re a bloody vampire!”
    “I am not bloody. I’m very careful about hygiene.”

    Which isn’t really that funny, now I think about it, but that’s because that’s the obvious joke, I think.

    (I have to admit I’m totally surprised you didn’t say anything about either Superman or Zero Hour. But then again, I get the impression you’re a Marvel gal, anyway, so that’s probably why)


    I grew up on the batman cartoon which was pretty PG. The first Batman comic I picked up had legs being cut off and all kinds of crap. I’ve been scared of the main stream Batman ever since. Even though he’s my favorite character I have no idea what the hell is happening to him right now. Sad I know.

    As for the superman thing, I have yet to see a live action series of superman I liked and your a cotten headed ninny muggins for ever wanting that tattoo. Happy? Oh and you DAMN well better have watched elf over the holidays.

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