1. The humor of the Betty White ad completely overshadowed the product it was selling. I found that I was still thinking about it five minutes later but realized I couldn’t remember what it was advertising. Not sure if that actually counts as a “win” from an advertising perspective.

    All in all though I found that a lot of the ads this year really just made my skin crawl. Many of them where flatly stupid, and there seemed to be a running misogynistic undercurrent; lots and lots of exortations to men to “reclaim” their manliness, stop being so feminized, etc. Such an overt level of rah-rah machoness it was like they’d all been designed by the boys at Sterling Cooper. The one that really struck me was the car ad (I forget which car-whoops) in which Michael C. Hall (“Dexter”) reads a list of “obligations” he performs for his wife that justify him getting said automobile. The subtext of passive-agressiveness & emasculation resentment was barely a subtext at all.

    That Google ad, on the other hand? Brilliant.

  2. Right, Matt. That’s what I meant by saying that they were against guys. Bud Light had one of the huge missteps with their book club spot.

    I’m not sure it’s misogyny; that’s hatred of women. This strikes me as misandry; tearing down men in any way they can, preying on male insecurities and noting rewards for being “good little boys.” It’s inherently misandrist.

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