What happens when I feel overwhelmed

This shows how I, like, mean business, and suchlike.

You can tell by the hat.

Actually, truth of the matter is that I had long before heard of Whoop Ass energy drink, which made my laugh. I thought it was even funnier than Nelly’s (remember him?) Pimp Juice (remember that?), which was why, when I saw it for the very first time as I gassed up in Richmond, Indiana, just off 70E on my way home, I had to purchase a can.

Which I have not yet opened.

(and probably never will, just so I can say I never had to)

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5 thoughts on “What happens when I feel overwhelmed

  1. WILL ENTREKIN Post author

    @Hannah: Heh. I -told- you it was a funny shot.

    @Paula: I’m sure we might work something out. I’ve been told I can be calming when I’m not out of my mind.


    I scared my cat I laughed so hard. I still think it would be funnier with your fedora backwards though.

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