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What happens when I feel overwhelmed

This shows how I, like, mean business, and suchlike.

You can tell by the hat.

Actually, truth of the matter is that I had long before heard of Whoop Ass energy drink, which made my laugh. I thought it was even funnier than Nelly’s (remember him?) Pimp Juice (remember that?), which was why, when I saw it for the very first time as I gassed up in Richmond, Indiana, just off 70E on my way home, I had to purchase a can.

Which I have not yet opened.

(and probably never will, just so I can say I never had to)


  1. Ohhhhh I luh you for posting that. Amazing.

  2. Are you available for hire when other people feel overwhelmed? Just checking.

  3. @Hannah: Heh. I -told- you it was a funny shot.

    @Paula: I’m sure we might work something out. I’ve been told I can be calming when I’m not out of my mind.

  4. Even though I’m on an emotional roller coaster right now, this made me laugh, in the midst of it all.

  5. I scared my cat I laughed so hard. I still think it would be funnier with your fedora backwards though.

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