1. Nice post, and I agree with you on quite a lot of your points. I thought Harvey was a much more compelling character than the Joker, if only because he had more depth– twice as much depth, to be exact. 😉


    You know, we argued about this when the movie first came out. I watched it again with my mum (who hated it), and I found it lacking. Perhaps I was taken in at the theatre by the enthusiasm of all the other people, the huge screen, the loud explosions. But I also came out of the second viewing liking the portrayal of the Joker, but being bored with Batman. And his “Batman” voice annoyed me.

    I also agree that the whole plot with Two-Face was not properly done. I felt to me as if they remembered in the last minute that most Batman movies have TWO villains. Oops, throw in Dent now. The previews had led me to believe that they were prepping the third movie to be Two-Face, and this sort of “Gotcha! We’re doing it now!” ending actually ticked me off. (I also thought his makeup was a bit over the top, but that’s neither here nor there.)

    If we’re going on super hero movies, Ironman was far superior. I was interested in Stark’s evolution as a person and a hero. The struggle between the two “identities” is actually very similar. Billionaire playboy versus masked avenger. Each one teeters on the edge of what’s accepted, each has this struggle between the light and the dark, or what have you. But with Stark, I CARED. With Batman, it was more of “Yeah, okay. I get it. Moving on…”

    So… yeah.

  3. @Sonja: he totally did! Ha! Also, can you imagine to what better use one could put Aaron Eckhardt? Who’s awesome.

    @Hannah: I think second viewings equalize reactions: people who loved it realized it wasn’t so good, but people who disliked it realize it wasn’t so bad. I fell into that latter category: on second viewing, I was like, “You know, it’s not that bad. Sure, it’s got flaws, but overall, I mean, I’m still entertained. It’s still pretty fun. There’s still lots of shit blowing up.”

  4. I hated it from the minute I saw it…perhaps, because of the hype–but moreso because of the lack of a genuine character development. Batman–well, there’s all sorts of issues besides the phony voice. How about lack of any emotion whatsoever? Dent serves as a one-dimensional fall guy from moment one, and his demise is the equivalent of a straw man’s burning. It’s a shame, too, because the nuts and bolts story is a solid one–and given the right dialogue, there could have been a unique poignancy to that character. It could have been a meditation on loss. Instead, it was a cheap ooh-look-I’m-crazy formula. As for Ledger, he did absolutely nothing except overact. Sorry–I’m not afraid of the ones who scream in the night. I’m afraid of the ones silently boiling in the corner.


    I see now that the movie was either two long or should have been made into two movie (much like this blog that does not properly follow the three act stanza) but I still think Heath did a better job then Jack Nicolson.

    The major problem I had with the movie was that they said the joker wore make up. At first I thought they were trying to be more realist and a criminal who was scared chalk wite wasn’t that realistic in their eyes. Except, they scared up Two-Face really well.

    You really just want a American Psycho 2 I think.


    I feel like the only person in America that *hasn’t* seen The Dark Knight. There’s just too much hype. It’d just be a total let down at this point, no matter what.

    I loved Iron Man! Definitely the movie of 2008!

  7. That’s the point, really. The Joker *is* wall-to-wall id. He Kicks the Dog. He Rapes the Dog. He makes up new and unseemly things to do to that dog. And he makes you watch. He’s Batman unleashed.

    While Batman runs about the city beating up thugs in vain effort to create some kind of order, The Joker floats here and there creating chaos. I’ve had arguments with some who said, ‘you don’t get any of The Joker’s motives. There’s no reason for what he does.’ To which I say Joker’s a force of nature. You may as well argue with the wind than try and get a straight answer out of him. Just ask him how he got that wicked smile.

    Regarding the Tommy Lee Jones’ Two-Face, forget that noise. Although I believe the reason we continue to have two villains in every Hollywood movie is because The Suits think that one is not enough. It’s a silly idea for sure but there it is.

    Nolan’s Two-Face is that grey area. The coin decides if chaos or order is served. Whether he should have been in the movie is, again, debatable. But it was nice to see Eckhart make Harvey Dent viable again.

    Iron Man was the funnest movie ever. Apparently, it rested on the backs of the talented movie makers rather than the script. Not everybody can do that. I hope whenever they get around to doing the Demon in the Bottle storyline they can repeat the first movie’s awesome.

    By the by, The Joker debuted in 1940 while Two-Face appeared in 1942.

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