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Weapons of mass destruction never looked so good


One image among many you can find right over here. Really fascinating stuff. It feels odd to say something like that I love that the name of the Nagasaki bomber was named “Bockscar” and to compare the spelling to an LOLcat, because immediately I start to think of the actual devastation it delivered. I just read, the other day, an account from someone who survived that terrible 1945, but I’ve read enough in the past few weeks I don’t remember where I saw it.

Regardless, those images are indelible.

(via Gizmodo)

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  1. When my Dad was in the military, every year they’d host a ‘family’ day, air show type thingy. My sisters and I got to climb through tanks and I remember standing beside a Stealth Bomber in complete awe. Like, they actually use these planes in wars to like bomb stuff? My favourite memory of those ‘family’ days was getting into the Hercules, and circling around in the air, they’d let the cargo door open and I stood there at the edge, looking down at the city.

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