1. MIYA

    Tickets are already prepurchased, we have childcare lined up for the three year old, and the twins will go with us in our moby wraps so that they sleep through the entire thing. 🙂


    The joker, in my humble oppinion, is the best villian. Period. He is the sickest scariest creation and I think Heath nailed that. I just hope he didn’t die because he nailed it. People have enough demons with out wrestleing the ones the minds of others create.

    I always thoght you would make a great joker. It’s not just your large smile but your hair I can tottally see as green. You should go as the joker for Halloween and if your girl is up to it could go as Harley Quinn. Then, when you see a little kid dressed up as Batman swipe his candy and run like hell laughing. Too much?

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