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Was Rick Astley ever on the Muppets?

He should have been:

A brilliant mash-up of the RickRolling Internet thing. I’d try to explain it for those unfamiliar, but I’m not all together certain myself. Something about disguising a link to his “Never Gonna Give You Up” YouTube video in a comment to make people click on it, and I guess annoy them.

But my question is, whoever disliked seeing a Rick Astley video?

I remember I was in Miami, visiting my uncle, the first time I saw this video/heard this song, which I’ve always completely loved:

I mean, come on, how cool was the Rick? Conan O’Brian has Rick hair. Long before Parker Lewis, Rick Astley couldn’t lose.

Here’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” Popped Up:

Which shows Rick Astley wore raincoats better than Columbo.

I wish I could dance like Rick Astley.

That’d be so awesome.


  1. I keep hearing about rickroll…and I’ve been like, “wha?” Aw well…I’m just not in the know with that new lingo.

    I love Rick Astley!! He’s right there with George Michael and Jovi.


  2. Well apparently, Rick Astley isn’t the only former singer celeb being rolled. MC Hammer has now fallen victim to the craze, as people are now getting “HammerRolled”.

    A website located at explains this version of the gold ‘ole Rick Roll.

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