Um, you have been using the twittering thing for a while so why now are you discovering this? Was it because of my previous comment or were you strangely drawn to the left hand side of the screen as well?

    If possible, at least change the color. Everything is blue and white so it’s easy to miss you twittering about.

    I thought a twit was a pregnant goldfish?

  2. I’m only now discovering the embedding. I don’t host WordPress, which means, no, I can’t change the color, nor can I even use Twitter’s badge widget (a lot of widgets are completely off limits, for various reasons WordPress thinks are good).

    It’s not pretty, and I’m not really thrilled with it, but it’ll serve. I’m just glad to have the function, even if I’m not a huge fan of the form.


    Does this mean you don’t know if a Twit is a pregnat fish or you don’t want me to know?

  4. I thought ‘twit’ was a perjorative. I’ve called people twits, but never meant they were goldfish; merely that they were annoying in their inanity.


    I thinks it’s both. You call people ass holes but that dosn’t mean they do nothing but produce shit, literally at least.

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