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Simply substitute “McCain” for “Rumson,” I think.

It’s also why I’m voting for Obama. Not just that I think he could deliver a speech like that one, but because he just seems that honest. He seems like the kind of guy who would man up when required, the sort who would say, “You know, I thought this was a good idea, but I’ve reconsidered because it’s just politics as usual and it ain’t gonna work. I pledged to you that I would serve you well, and act in your best interest, and I think rejecting this bill is in your best interest.”

I can’t imagine McCain saying anything remotely similar. All I can imagine McCain saying is, “You know, the situation is complicated, and I have a lot of great advisors I lend credence to–”

(and as a sidenote: since when does ‘advisor’ contain an ‘e’? Is that a British thing, like ‘grey’ versus ‘gray’? Because spellcheck keeps underlining advisor and I keep thinking, ‘No, it’s not, in fact, adviser,’ and I don’t really listen because, come on, spellcheck underlines ‘spellcheck,’ which just seems silly)

Point is, this is the wire, and we’re down to it. You can either vote for an old man who thinks that things are fine and he can make them finer and his Caribou Barbie sidekick who’s a joke of a woman, much less political candidate, or you can vote for someone who’s going to bring the change we want to see in the world.

Gandhi said we must be the change we want to see in the world, and now I say we must vote for it.


  1. Obama is not going to “change” anything. I think we are being given two poor options for president. We have one man who wants to stay in Iraq and another who wants to pull out of Iraq and go to Afghanistan. Both believe all Americans should serve militarily one way or another, and both men are likely to bring back the draft at some point. Both men are really just puppets anyway for the Federal Reserve and the other rich interests that jointly support them both. So, you and everyone else keep on believing in this “change” Obama has promised to bring, and remember change for the worse is not a good thing.

  2. Fucking christ will, I gave you good advice. go continue with your bullshit then. i was being totally honest and constructive.

  3. @Hawk: I disagree. Also: isn’t Afghanistan where al Qaeda is, mostly?

    @Octopus: I deleted your other comment solely because you put it in the comment policy post, which didn’t seem the most appropriate place for it. On the other hand, there is a polite, positive way to be “totally honest and constructive,” and it’s not the way you’re doing it. I’m moderating your comments, and unless your tone changes, won’t be letting them through.

  4. al Qaeda is spread all over the mid-east. If you think anyone ascends to the level of president without being in the club, your crazy. They are the both puppets, one on the right hand and one on the left hand. They are both controlled by the same people that really run this country.

  5. After reading what others commented I really wish I had commented ealier as now I’m certain you have no taste to discuss this. Damn.

    I voted for Bush in the last election because I thought he would be better then Kerry. Knowing what I know now I would still vote for him because I honestly think we would be worse off had Kerry won. (Not to mention the election would be Kerry vs. McCain and McCain, I think, would win that election.)

    That being said, I will be voting for Obama because I think he will bring the change we need. I also belive the Republicans, Bush majorly, have messed things up. Certain things were put into motion by Clinton but were made worse by Bush instead of fixed. However, alot of the republicans don’t see it that way. They see bills for stem cell research that failed and the funds for Sex Education that teach abstinence as success. The economy will fix its self, Iraq is going peachy, and Bush’s administration will get it’s just dues when history looks back.

    This is bull in my opinion, but if McCain get’s elected it will be “proof” to justify this because America will have voted for another four years of Republican. This can not happend.

    I will say I like McCain and you should like him too. You can disagree with everything he says but you should like him, Will. I can give you a good reason to like him. You know those nut jobs on TV who believe the Twin Towers were attacked because of homosexuals and athiests? Well, they adore Bush and hate McCain. The nut jobs hate McCain because of liberal views he has held and supported. The uber republicans that are conservative whether it’s healthy or not do not like him and that is a good sighn. If Obama loses I think McCain will be good president if not the great or epic president we need in such a dark time and with people living in tents these are dark times.

    “Caribou Barbie sidekick who’s a joke of a woman…”

    Will, I’m astonished you said this and this is why I waited to comment back. You can say she hasn’t governed Alaska well. You can say her views don’t fit in modern America. Do not attack her as a woman. I honestly am stumped as to why you went there as I feel it was a cheap shot and I feel like your above cheap shots. She’s a mother of like five kids and about to become a grandmother. She works to make Alska and even America a better place for amicans. She and McCain just happend to have a differen’t idea of how that should be done then Obama and others. It dosn’t make her less of a woman or a bad woman. It dosn’t make her a bad person either.

    Perhaps I am being to picky or perhaps I am toooptimistic about these canidates. Regardless I feel we have too good options this campaighn. Obama will be more drastic postively then McCain in my opinion but both will try to make america a better place and both have plans with both positive and negative sides.

    Hate the politics. Not the people behind them.

  6. @Gotham: the number of ways I object to your thoughts is staggering. From voting for Bush last election to taking umbrage with my calling Palin a joke of a woman.

    McCain had a chance in 2000 and blew it (or, more accurately, Bush’s dirty politics blew it for him). He would have made a great president at one point, but his time has passed. Don’t tell me I “should” like him, too; I shouldn’t anything, in fact, and the surest way to ensure I never do something is to tell me I ought to. There is absolutely nothing about McCain I find admirable/worthy of respect.

    As for Palin, I respect too many women, yourself included, to pay her any credence. She’s a joke. If she becomes president, you’ll have problems getting the books you like, and that’ll be the very least of your problems.

    “The economy will fix its self, Iraq is going peachy,”– are you being sarcastic here? Sometimes it’s hard to tell with you. If you are, well done, and point made. If you’re not, it’s difficult to enumerate all the ways the sentiment is wrongheaded. Call Iraq “peachy” when nobody’s, you know, dying there anymore.

  7. Alright let me put voting Bush another way. I want you to give Bush a number on a scale of one to ten based on his first four years. You don’t need to say it. Now given that number I want you to think about how if Kerry had won it would not have been by a landslide. By not choosing a democratic canidate that could wipe the floor with Bush the Democrats dropped tha ball. Knowing what I know now I might have tried to get a better democratic canidate to run agaist Bush. Failing that I still would have voted for him because I honestly beleive as badd of as we are it would be worse with Kerry. Maybe that is hard for you to accept but I think that’s partly because of how bad things are; it makes it hard to imagine them being worse.

    Does this mean all those book suggestions I made are never gonna make it on your book shelf? :`( He’s not as liberal as I would like him to be, but he’s crossed party lines before for good goals just like Obama has. (A liberal conservtive has the potentcial to make both parties happy because they find the middle ground we can accept. I can’t say the same for conservtive librals because the few I have met scare the hell out of me.) I beleive McCain cares about the american people but I also belive what Obama said and that is he dosn’t get alot of what’s going on. I think they both want the same destination for America; they just have differen’t rodes by which to get there.

    …um, you SHOULD eat cheezy puffs…

    If you want to say she’s a joke as a canidate I won’t argue with you not because I nessarily agree but because it’s a acceptible thing to say about politians one dosn’t like. I just don’t think you should attack her as a woman. Yes, McCain deffinately picked her to get the female vote but she’s not running as a woman and I think it’s wrong judge her call her a “joke of a woman.”

    I thought I made it fairly clear that’s what alot of hardcore Republicans beleive. “The economy will fix its self, Iraq is going peachy, and Bush’s administration will get it’s just dues when history looks back. This is bull in my opinion, but if McCain get’s elected it will be “proof” to justify this because America will have voted for another four years of Republican.”

    Our “grand plan” for Iraq was to go in, kick out Sadam, find the wepons of mass destruction, and watch as the people embrased democrazy out of there graditude for us. With out the benefit of retrospect, this is clearly a pipe dream. We did not secure the border when we arrived so people who shouldn’t have gotten out escaped and people who shouldn’t have gotten in came to just for a shot, no pun intentended, at killing Americans. Years from now this war will be taught to soilders on how NOT to engage in warfare. We can’t even say, “well we made a bunch of new mistakes that we can learn from.” No, we just repeated a bunch of old ones.

    I was originally against a time table because leaving too soon would be a disaster waiting to happend. Not having a time table won’t gurantee people working as speedily as they can to get things in Iraq in place so that it can stand on it’s own. We have a statute of Limitations on certain crimes so that police are encouraged to solve them more expeiditely (That’s how one cop explained it to me any way). We need the same for Iraq. Barack will give us that. McCain won’t.

    I talk too damn much for which I appoligise and i have said some/alot of things you disagree with. However, despite the things I have done/said/plan/potato shouldn’t you be saying to your self “Well, she’s voting for Obama which is the important thing.” I mean that is the important thing right?

  8. I can’t wait for Obama to fuck up the country even more, then you all will see we really have no choice.

    I am not a Mccain supporter. I just see the world for what it really is.

  9. @Hawk: well, it’s arguable that the country is already fucked and is just going to get worse, for the time being, and the best we can hope for is a candidate who will ameliorate the trouble. I mean, pretty much whoever gets elected is going to have a bitch of a time.

    You can’t turn the Titanic on a dime, you know?

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