Maybe you just keep running into crappy books, but I don’t think it’s a lack of good writers that has gotten book sales down. (if that’s not what you wanted me to get out of this I appoligise now for the misinterpretation and what follows) One should not have to go out and buy Aswomely-Great-Tottally-Bitchin-Deserves-Every-Award-Changed-My-Life-Book in order to enjoy reading. I’m not saying everyone can enjoy a crappy book, but just because a book isn’t award worthy dosn’t mean it’s not a enjoyable read.

    That being said, there is no shortage of Aswomely-Great-Tottally-Bitchin-Deserves-Every-Award-Changed-My-Life-Books. No I have not lost my mind. Make a list of your favorite authors. Somewhere between five names and twenty is good. Now ask your self this, have you read every peice of liturature they have wrote? Have you read their favorite books? The numer of books here is quite large and hopefully, if you have good taste, the quality is quite good. Now the number of NEW Aswomely-Great-Tottally-Bitchin-Deserves-Every-Award-Changed-My-Life-Books may be at a record time low but their are plenty of quality old books. Books that have stood the test of time. Books that touch on issues we still deal with today. Books that inspired and continue to inspire more great peices of liturature. And yet, they aren’t being read. Why? The books are being printed. The internet has made them more accesible. Libraries haven’t completely lost their charm.

    The number of people actually reading is low. Yes, a new great book can inspire mas reading where there was none like harry potter. But it shouldn’t have to take that to get results. We see comercials for parents to monitor what their kids watch. We see comercials for people to eat healthy and excersise. We see commercials for people not do drugs. We see inofective commercials for teens not to have sex. When was the last time you saw a commercial for a child to read without it marketing a specific book? When was the last time you saw a poster encouraging adults to read more? When was the last time you saw a comercial encouraging adults to take their kids to the library? I’ve met people who say they have never read a whole book despite being able to read. People are addicted to stupid or damging activities instead of enriching their minds with books.

    I realise this is a uber long coment but seeing on how this blog was made six days ago and it’s the only comment I hope yopu will let it slide. 🙂


    The source of the “Fuck off and auth” quote is Peter O’Donnell, the late creator of Modesty Blaise, adventuress of comic strips and novels. It was a comment made to him when he sought advice on deadline from a newspaper editor about a strip (not Modesty) he was writing. Not that this has anything to do with Web 2.0. Just thought I’d set the record straight. Cheers.

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