Sweeeeeeeeeet!! Thanks for the trailers.

    I saw the trailer for The Bank Job the other day…I LOVE Jason Stathom so I’m pumped…

    George Clooney and humor is GENIUS. Come on…O Brother was a classic Clooney movie…He’s a fantastic actor. I don’t care what anyone says.

    The Will Smith one looks…uh…interesting…

    Indiana Jones…always a winner. Should be interesting.

    Great, as if I wasn’t broke enough, MORE movies for me to go see and ya know, skip lunch for a few weeks 😉

  2. You’re welcome. Yes, Statham is certainly a poster child for awesome, and O Brother was pretty damned cool.

    And I know, right? It’d cost, like, a hundred bucks to see all these in the theaters.

  3. I notice a significant absence on your list – the next installment of the Daniel Craig 007 series.

    I can’t wait. I’m counting down the days ’til November.

  4. Me, too. But that’s not summer. Though I guess you could argue that half of these are spring movies, given that summer doesn’t officially start until June 20th (I think only Hancock is, by that criteria).

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