Hello Will!!! I wanted to say thank you for including “Batman Begins” in your top ten movies of the decade list.I agree wholeheartedly with your review.”Batman Begins” imo,changed the way I saw my fave comic Hero,and it really portrayed him as the conflicted,and haunted man that the comic books meant for him to be.Christian Bale did not garner nearly enough praise for his role as both Bruce Wayne and Batman.I can’t for the life of me,understand why whenever this man actually has a great performance,it goes almost unnoticed,and when his performances are not so great,you hear criticism from every Tom,Dick,and armchair Harry who has a laptop,and a keyboard!!!! Would someone please help me understand that??? He’s one of the most talented,brilliant,most hardworking,unselfish,dedicated,and consistent actors of my generation,and yet he still doesn’t get half the recognition,or respect for what he does!!! No wonder he let loose on the set of TS,this anger’s probably been building for quite some time now.I can’t wait to see him in “The Fighter”,I have a feeling,this will be one of his best performances,and it should at the very least,get him some recognition for his awesome talent,and hopefully,gain him an Oscar nod.I can only hope that they won’t continue to make him pay for four minutes of anger.Thank you again Will,for giving “Batman Begins” a shout out,and not bashing Christian.Happy Holidays!!! Btw,you’re hot!!! (don’t worry,I’m a girl) LOL ^__^

  2. Will, love this list. I’m allergic to all things Harry Potter, just the business I’m in. Zodiac and Snatch, nice, Batman Begins, okay, I’ll give you that, Good Night Good Luck, probably one of the more forgotten movies of the decade, worth every second. Anything Bourne…I’m there, it’s a series that never gets old, and got better each time they rolled the camera. Hard, if not impossible to do these days. Fight Club is a fine magic act, but if you’ve read the book, and lets be honest, if you’re watching that movie and you haven’t read the book, you have no business discussing Fight Club, with me or anyone else. Fincher is a technician, as much as Michael Mann is, Departed is a messy waste of time, I liked some of it, the first time around, but that cast, for the most part blows the accents. Blows them. I think you’re overlooking the timely nature of Syriana, it was not only right on time,but a few years ahead of it’s time, and a fine movie, top to bottom, and speaks directly to why we’re in this mess…

    Your point of view, for sure, but good – good list.


    Oh,btw,I just loved ur lil,”Gag me with a spork” phrase ROFLMAO,that’s like the phrase of the year!!! Good one Will!!! You’re sooo hot!!! *Kisses*

  4. One of my favorite movies where Robert Downey Jr. is at his best is the completely under the radar Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

  5. @Bale’s Back: Well, of course I agree it’s a good flick and Bale turned in a good performance, which is why I hate to note that it’s not actually one of the ten best of the decade; it’s number eleven. Still, great flick. I’ve been a Bale fan since Swing Kids at least. Great actor. And, er, thank you. You’re very kind. And enthusiastic.

    @Jason: I admit, I haven’t read the book. Got about ten pages in. Never been a Palahniuk fan. The style and prose just don’t work well for me. I’m hoping you’ll dig the actual ten list. I’m sure you’ll find quite a lot to disagree with. Which is half the fun!

    @PJ: Oh, totally agree with you on that one. Come back for the top ten. You probably won’t be surprised, now, though.

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