1. LISA

    I *heart* Across the Universe. But, for me, there’s something about The Beatles version that feels more genuine. Then again, I grew up with a Dad who owned every Beatles album available, and played The Beatles recorded on homemade mixed cassette tapes for road trips to visit my Grandparents.

    And “Birthday” by The Beatles? That song was played every single birthday morning until I moved away from home. Best birthday song EVAH!

  2. Wait… I … Wait….

    ” I mean, has Radiohead ever managed to be as good as Pablo, Honey?”

    Their two albums from the 90s alone blew it away. The Bends is such an amazing album from start to finish. Also I disagree with the Pearl Jam comment as I think Vitalogy is their best album but that is neither here nor there. Pablo Honey makes me think they are trying to be Oasis or something.

    I love the White Stripes, does it concern you at all that Jack White keeps doing side projects? Is it his way of breaking up the band but not really?

    Note: If you like people covering Beatles songs check out the “I am Sam” soundtrack. All covers… Some solid stuff on there.

  3. Lisa: I think that I might be more enthusiastic about the Beatles had I grown up with them, as you did. I mostly grew up with Bon Jovi.

    Kevin: You say “Trying to be Oasis” like that’s a bad thing; somebody had to do it, and Oasis never managed to be as good as they could have been. I did like The Bends; in fact, I saw Radiohead in the mid-nineties when they opened for Alanis Morissette in support of that CD. Alanis did “Fake Plastic Trees” with them. Very good. Still, I love the rock of Pablo, Honey, and think “Creep” may be their best (not to mention one of the best songs of the 90s).

    I’m not sure about Jack and the White Stripes. It could be, I suppose. Then again, if the Raconteurs become his focus, that may not be such a bad thing. Just so long as it’s not Dead Weather. Which I found underwhelming.

    And will definitely check that out. I think I have some of it. Maybe all of it. Must give it a listen.

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