LOVED this list. LOVED the commentary to WHY you love these movies. I have (as of yet), not seen “Zoolander”, “Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang” or “Taken”. Started “High Fidelity” (only because I totally love John Cusack) and had to stop watching because Jack Black annoyed the HELL out of me. I may have to give it another chance, but I am not promising anything! 🙂 But, as to the others, I will be renting them ASAP. They have been on my list for awhile now, but reading about them, from someone who loves them, makes me all the more curious to see what they are about.

    I personally think that “El Tango de Roxanne” is one of the best scenes in a movie, EVER! I can watch that sequence over and over and still be mesmerized by it. The way it flows, the song, the words, Ewan MacGregor’s heartbreak is so beautifully tragic and almost threatens to encompass you completely. Which, is why I love it so much.

    Amelie is still one of my all-time favorite movies. The traveling gnome and all that it signifies continues to amaze me. Lovely, lovely film.

    I never thought I would enjoy a James Bond movie, much less LOVE it and want to watch it all the time. And I never thought Daniel Craig had the chops. I am so very glad I was proven WRONG!!!

    Ocean’s Eleven is in my top three. ‘Nuff said!

    Great list!


    I’m only gonna argue with one. The new Bond? I haven’t read the books and could only watch a few without being bored, so, I didn’t have a huge list of things Bond should be. Smart ans suave were about it I think. When I saw he was more of a action hero I thought I would pass on the whole thing. I have been wrong in the past so I decided maybe I was being to critical. I wasn’t keen on a blonde Bond but again that is something you can overlook if something wows me. I walked in the room 40 mins after it started. I sat down and figured I would watch the beginning later. I stater guess things that would happen next, sarcastically like I do with a lot of movies. Except I was right every five mins. I turned and I asked if I had suddenly gotten super smart or if this plot was that predicable. I had not gotten super smart. So, a predictable plot with a now run of the mill type of hero. I didn’t stay for the whole thing. Did he do that “slowly walk away from a large explosion because your too cool to run or look back”?

    Zoolander on the other hand was not as predictable which either because of good writing or the randomness of it. My favorite scene is when Zoolander’s friends try to cheer him up and they get into a gasoline fight and die. I never saw that coming.

    I did not see Elf on your list. Only a cotton headed ninny muggins would do such a thing. It is directed by the same guy that directed Iron Man, not sure if you knew that. (For the coming year I would be weary Iron Man 2.) Were you not a Kill Bill fan? Pity. Didn’t see Spirited Away either. That’s okay. What about Pan’ Labyrinth? Did the Harry Potter franchise just completely fail your expectations? I get that, I read X-men after all and well I think we know how that turned out. I thought Billy Elliot was heart warming but I understand if you hate children. Guess that means Little Miss Sunshine’s out too what with her being a heart warming child with guts. I didn’t O’ Brother, Where Art Thou? so I guess you hate southern people. That’s cool, I mean I’m southern so I guess that means you hate me. Juno isn’t there either, huh? Saved isn’t here. That might have “saved” your list if it had been there instead of Bond which is kinda my point. I bet a lot of the movies I listed just weren’t your cup of tea, but I bet you didn’t see some of them and you definitely didn’t see enough movies in the last ten years if New Bond makes the list instead of ANYTHING else. Well, okay Bond was better then Babel but what wasn’t?

    Hope this wasn’t too long. Happy New Year!

  3. I couldn’t make it all the way through Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. Maybe it’s because I lived in Los Angeles and didn’t enjoy it. The world portrayed in that movie with a sort of self-congratulatory irony just isn’t interesting to me. It’s also worth mentioning that Shane Black did not write Lethal Weapon 3 or 4. He is credited in each with being the creator of the original characters, but he did not write the stories. Which explains why they both sucked. IMDB lists him as the actual screenwriter for a part 5, so who knows what that’s going to be like.

    Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless mind was deserves to be on any list like this, I think.

  4. Dawn: thanks! Glad you dug it. We agree on much.

    Michael: Yeah, I remember your saying about Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. I can see it’s not for everyone. Then again, neither are most of the other choices. I moved to LA the year after I saw it and found it oddly prescient considering my experience there, though without the guns and incest. And good point about Lethal Weapons; I’d IMDbed him and saw his name on them, so I sort of assumed he’d written them. And yes on Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, which made number eleven. Or among them (see post the other day).

    Gotham: Where you see predictable, I saw inevitable; I thought Casino Royale hit all the notes it should have. That said, of course I can see how one might not like it. I’ve never encountered another Bond movie I liked, though, and one of my professors even directed one. I didn’t see Spirited Away, but I saw many of the other movies you mentioned. Some I even enjoyed, including O Brother, Where Art Thou? and Saved. Some, including Kill Bill (hate Tarantino), Pan’s Labyrinth, and Juno I disliked intensely. And I’m looking forward to Ironman 2, but yes, am weary of it. I fear it’s going to be like the Ocean’s franchise or Batman, and Favreau is going to try to pack too damned much into the movie that it will overwhelm any actual story.

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