Multiple Enthusiasms

Infinite jest. Excellent fancy. Flashes of merriment.

The opposite of awesome?

Celine Dion (and Anastasia) performing AC DC’s “Shook Me All Night Long.”

I can’t decide which is more disturbing: Celine Dion playing the air guitar (provided, her skinny arms can’t actually hold anything heavier), or the shot of her crotch as she sings about the walls shaking.

You can thank Widge at Need Coffee for your nosebleed.


  1. Ew. Celine is definitely on my list of annoying performers. She reminds me of a Bobble-Head.

  2. Yep…Celine is, umm, special alright.

    I’m with Lisa on the bobblehead thing. Actually, I was thinking that so many famous women resemble bobbleheads…all heads and boobs. Like that chick Giada DeLaurentis (sp?) from Food Network. I’m wondering if they’ve undergone plastic surgery on their heads to make them look bigger so their bodies look even smaller…or if they’re just so anorexic that everything else just looks way too huge. In any case…unattractive.

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