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    “A fait worse then death. UN-BIRTH!…then death.” – futurama

    I actually got that the first time but re-read it because I thought those theories only showed up in novels, sci-fi tv, comic books, and the cartoons that mock them. Great, we could potenticailly get stuck in one of those weirdo pardoxes that basically acts as a filler when the writer couldn’t think of new reason for a sexy green alien to attack Captain Kirk. (Okay I made my joke…)

    Despite sleep deprivity and a fever I actually read and understood, at least I beleive I understood, that article. Interesting stuff but I have to wonder if the guys who theorised just want attention. Every once in a while you find that once scientist who disagrees with everyone just so he can disagree. If he uses a certain amount of logic he can make a theory that’s some what valid. That would also explain the title that sounds like a it came from his long lost uncle. Just a thought… and probably the only coherent one you will get out of me to night. Nice blog Will.

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