1. What I’ve read of your novel, to me, doesn’t fit into any one genre. Which I think is a great thing. For me, it helps broaden my horizons. I’ll admit it–I’m a bit of a snob. I usually dislike sci-fi and fantasy. I’m more forgiving of horror and mystery, but that’s all Stephen King’s doing. Sure, I’ve liked a few sci-fi/fantasy bits here and there, but mostly I just say no. To each his own. We like what we like. The thing is, I think I would like fantasy/sci-fi if more of it focused on the act of being human rather than weird stuff that makes geeks shit their panties. I guess, for me, I usually find that such stories don’t really have anything interesting to tell me. Usually, it’s just some writer trying to prove something…usually to him/herself.

    What I like about your novel, Will, is that the fantastic stuff is a device that supports the crux of the novel–which is really just a story about some guy trying to find his way. Your work does appeal pretty broadly. I think people, though, usually don’t think all that broadly.


    What I hate about genre is once something is put in a genre people start putting it in the wrong genere. Something completely Rock n Roll gets put in the Pop section or something by Madonna will be put in the “good” section. Genere is relative and changes based on the current mind set of society and what nit wit is stocking the shelves at the time. The important thing is that your happy with what you write.

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