I thought that both of Miya Kressin’s books, Changelings Champion and What Once Was _ The Island were both excellantly written books and can’t wait for the next in each series. They were both hard to put down once I started reading them on my Kindle. Thanks for a space to rant about such a young and great writer with two great books out and more to come.
    Thanks you
    Dave Ekholm

  2. Hey, Dave! Thanks for stopping in. I’m sure Miya appreciates the kind words as I appreciate the comment. It’s been so cool to see her writing and career develop. Hope you’ll check out the other books on the list, too, and find another new favorite author.

  3. Hi, Will. What a pleasant surprise to find Darker Things on your list. I appreciate the kind words you’ve shared with your readers here. I’m very glad you enjoyed the novel. Mind if I quote the bit about James Patterson writing about vampires? 🙂 That pretty much nails what I’m going for in the series.

    Thanks again.

  4. Will – what a lovely surprise – thank you for including me on your list! Great to see other friends here and also to discover a few more great reads I hadn’t heard of. My Kindle is now feeling a bit stuffed after Christmas… Seriously, thank you

  5. Great list, Will! I knew about the first one because you mentioned it, and Roz’s book is in my TBR pile, but you’ve definitely given me more to read (and possibly more authors to interview). It’s nice to see somebody highlighting the good indie books so they get some recognition!

  6. […] Exciting Writing (Will Entrekin) – “It’s not just the best indie novel I read in 2011; it’s the finest novel I read overall, and that distinction might carry back a couple of years besides. It’s devastating and funny, poignant and honest, sincere without over-sentimentality, and most importantly, Lastrapes can write.” […]

  7. Rob: you may absolutely quote me on that. Keep up the cool works.

    Roz: of course. I think the more readers discovering new books, the better. It’s the age of discovery, and we can all connect the dots.

    Jennie: thanks. That’s exactly what I’m going for.

  8. Hi Will,

    Thanks so much for featuring Pentecost on the list, especially as I just published Prophecy, the sequel!
    Based on your recommendations, I have bought a few on this list. I read Martin Lastrapes Inside the Outside in just 2 sessions – that is a seriously good book which I have now rated 5 stars on Amazon and Martin will be coming on my podcast in March to talk all things gory and disturbing! So brilliant recommendation there.

    Thanks, Joanna

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