1. Another example of the two Americas… Last night, while preparing for teaching interviews, I researched various Denver neighborhoods and schools. I looked at statistics, mostly. CSAP test scores. Poverty levels. It absolutely floored me.

    The school I’m interview with was closed in 2004 because DPS through up their hands…said, “we can’t do this.” KIPP, an organization founded by TFA alum, came in and basically did the same thing this year. Now, DPS is trying to bring the school back to life. The only reason, really, is because the school itself is architectually important to my city. Otherwise, they would have torn that sucker down and abandoned it…just like they’ve abandoned the children in my city.

    Last night, I was in tears. Out of curiousity, I went searching for information on MY old school (another across town, in DPS). I was completely knocked down by *worse* scores and statistics.

    I grew up there, and I always knew it was bad. I always knew something needed to be done. I had no idea how bad. You live in poverty…you see it every day…it’s so much that your mind becomes numb. It doesn’t compute. You excuse it because it’s everywhere you go.

    I got out, but it’s always with me. Those people who I left behind are right here, in my heart. I won’t abandon them. When I see what’s happening to our country, it breaks my heart. How can it not? Why aren’t more people crying over this? Why aren’t more people helping to change it? Are we all numb?

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