1. MIYA

    I left Team StartUpPublisher to join Team Indie because I was losing sight of my story and readers to deal with making others happy. Yes, I had a love affair with unnecessary commas that needed to be broken by my editor, and I know I’ve become a stronger writer because of the experience. In terminating my contract, however, is when I became an author in my own eyes. It’s when I believed in my words enough to stand behind them alone.

    Then, I realized that I wasn’t alone. Team Indie stands together, and that- that is what makes us Team Awesome.

  2. One of the greatest (and most mind-altering) changes for writers today is that we can and must know our readers and write to them. I think this is a tremendous gain, especially for storytelling. And it has almost nothing to do with traditional publishing – at least what traditional publishing became before it went into the convalescent home to babble about the previous century and forget people’s names.

    Writers can and will learn to attract their own following. Successful digitally published writers are doing just that. John Locke of Donovan Creed-dom states it ever so clearly. He loves his readers and pays great attention to them. He sacrifices for his readers. He is hugely rewarded.

    No genre is immune to this system. I love today’s version of publishing.

    Thanks for the thoughtful piece!
    Suzanna Stinnett

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