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Spring cleaning

I’ve just slept for nearly 13 hours. And that even though I took the “non-drowsy” version of the Tylenol Cold I purchased yesterday while I shuffled my light-headed arse across campus. I swear there were a couple moments in class I had to lean on the board.

But I feel about 70% better now. Which is good, because much to do today. Mainly cleaning; my sister arrives tomorrow, for three/four days, give or take, depending on how you do the math. I haven’t seen her since Christmas, and even then she had so many obligations we didn’t get to spend nearly as much time together as I would have liked. This time it’s just me and her the whole weekend, and I’m happy about that.

So far, I’ve got tickets to the Getty Villa for Friday. And we’re going to hit the LA Times Book Fair over at UCLA on either Friday or Saturday. Whichever.


We might just decide to spent the weekend at the beach.

But in the meantime, I’ve got to tidy up my apartment. And later this afternoon I get to be all manly and bust out my tools and fix the mirror on my car. But that’s after I clean it.

I don’t know why I tend to attract clutter in my life. I’ve always wished I didn’t, but I seem to have the gene for it. Anyone with any tips on how to reduce clutter?


  1. You, cluttery? That seems difficult to believe. I suppose the biggest tip I have, because I’ve been on a de-cluttering rampage for a while now is just having less stuff. Although I’m not exactly sure what your square footage is like, I know in my apartment it’s a challenge. Especially with an almost three-year old.

    I’m so looking forward to being a beach bum this summer.

  2. Heh. Yeah. Totally. Ask the three or four people in my life who really know me, best, and one of the first things they’ll remark on is my utter mess of a bedroom.

    (yes, it’s so cluttered I italed it)

    As for less stuff, always a challenge for a book lover. Books take up so damned much room it’s awful. My DVDs are in binders. My CDs are on a harddrive. My books? I’m up to eleven boxes.

  3. Throw it away. When you find yourself in an unforgiving mood – that’s the best time to clean. Good-bye little sock puppet from that second grade play. Unforgiving. No mercy on the clutter. Just pitch whatever you haven’t used in over a year.

  4. I’m in the midst of decluttering myself. It’s insane how much stuff I accumulate. I’m a packrat, but I’m trying hard to changed, and here’s what I’m learning:

    -get rid of what you don’t want/need now instead of later (if you let it sit, it’ll pile up and have babies)
    -everything needs a place of its own, and you must put things back in their places as soon as you realize it’s out of place
    -if it’s broken, fix it immediately (if you can’t fix it immediately, and it isn’t an heirloom, get rid of it)
    -if you haven’t used it in 6 months, and you don’t LOVE it, get rid of it
    -ask yourself if you get as much out of it as someone else would (if not, give it to someone who would love it more)
    -and my rule of thumb for everything now: is it good? is it kind? is it necessary?

    I also think it’s essential for recovering clutterbugs (like me) to go on a massive pristine house mission once a year and then make time to deep-clean for at least an hour every week. During the week, it’s better to immediately clean it up than to let it pile up.

    GOOD luck!

  5. change–NOT changed!

  6. Question, did you or did you not follow any of my advise? The sleeping for 13 hours is fairly common when your sick and have been stressed out for a long period. (Go ahead and tell me you weren’t stressed. I dare you.) I’m betting you also suffered from eustress which may or may not have affected your health. How’s your voice? Drink tea regardless. I know you already drink tea I mean more tea. Yes, to a degree your so predictable I can actually respond to what you say before you say it. Now take out the garbage. 😀

    Take your sister to a pistachio farm or an orange grove. Besides those other cool things your gonna do with her.

    At this point getting less stuff would be bad for the economy so I’m gonna recomend a few things. One, get a taller book shelf. I sincerly doubt you read a hundred books a week so you can bare to put the ones you read the least on the top shelf. Two, if it’s trash clutter chuck it and if it’s stuff clutter get some bins. There. I helped. Now give me a orange.

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