Multiple Enthusiasms

Infinite jest. Excellent fancy. Flashes of merriment.


Nothing like being braindead after a full day of grading. Renders me more incoherent than drinking.

Just got to hand in one last set of grades tomorrow, and then days full of packing and driving. So now you know why I’m blogging so sporadically right now, and why I’ll continue to do so for the next, oh, week or so.

Denver ETA: the 15th, or so. Which is kinda cool, because it makes it two years to the day from one I arrived in LA.


  1. I didn’t want to say anything because you live their but California is sinking. You picked a good time to live there and leave.

    Did you see those giant spiders I talked about?

  2. Good luck in Denver! I ‘ll catch you there at some point, show you around. : )

  3. [youtube=]

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