1. @Hank: I don’t think I jumped to any conclusions; in fact, I tried extra hard to avoid any conclusions whatsoever. It’s worth noting, however, that the link you just posted goes to the “Police: no evidence of hate crime” article, and not the one of which I took screenshots.


    @Hank: I tend to criticize Will when I feel it’s necessary. Particularity when he blogs about McCain or women, but in this case I find it hard to believe this was not a hate crime. A chemical agent in a Muslim church. Statistically speaking, people who hate a a certain religion attack it’s churches. Now could be in order to be considered a hate crime the police have to prove the chemical agent was meant to kill some one but I doubt it.

    @Will: I suggest wring to this paper and perhaps to the Muslim church about this.

  3. This mosque keeps a low profile, no sign indicating that’s what it is (its in an old church building).

    It was in the news a bit this year due to trying to move to a suburban location (it’s in an in-town neighborhood now) and recently recieved zoning approval for the new site this month.

    So I figure some pranksters knew about the place so decided to do this pepper spray thing. There are a lot of yahoos in Dayton neighborhoods just to the east of the mosque, so I’d see this as a possibilty.

    The connection to Obsession is probably tangental.

  4. @Gotham: that’s a good idea.

    @Jeffrey: I can’t decide if its low profile is a point in one direction or the other. As you note, some prankster might have known the place to do pepper spray. So perhaps it is tangential to the DVD, but they might well still have targeted it because it’s a mosque…

  5. From someone who unfortunately lives in Dayton, this is typical of local media. Unfortunately, local citizens accept living in a city that ignores cultural and racial issues. No one here treats the issues first hand. Instead, everything is pushed under the rug. If you don’t live in a prominent suburb, then forget about your safety and welfare ever being a concern. (Note, I was not born and bred in Dayton)


    So, I check my mail box and what do I find? Something addressed to me called Obsession. My first thought was, “Perfume?”, but it turned out to be the DVD so mentioned above.

    So I watch it to see if it’s as bad as I thought it would be. It wasn’t in the sense that it wasn’t one sided and designed to portray “Muslims as evil and bent on the destruction of the United States.” I think the history channel could have done a better job with what they did but they can do a better job with a lot of things.

    The DVD starts out by saying that most Muslims who are of the Islamic faith aren’t terrorist and don’t want to kill people but that this documentary isn’t about them. Through out the DVD you here things like, “I feel like the terrorist have hijacked my religion.” They also explain how readily Muslims who don’t agree that this is a Jihad are seen as the enemy and just as bad as the Americans and British. At the end they talk about how people need to speak up and speak out against this perverted form of Islam. I did find it some what informational and I thought some of the comparisons they made between the Nazis and radical Islam to be rather frightening. Pictures the Nazis made depicting Jews in the world were identical if not out right stolen to pictures radical Islam had made. They even showed a clip of “Evil Jewish” men killing a christian boy. This is some of the propaganda they show over there and I was not aware of how bad it was.

    But, and you had to know it was comin, this is not a DVD for idiots. There is a reason you watch videos of Hitler speaking in a class room or on the History Chanel. It allows for a teacher, professor, historian or other expert to put it in the proper context for people who don’t know enough about the subject to draw the right conclusions. I don’t think they had enough experts explaining key differences. They show videos of the clear differences but I don’t think it was enough.

    Okay, so through out the video they show Radical Islamist saying stuff like, “Death to The UK” and “Bomb USA”. Then they show regular Islamic leaders talking about how the radical Islamics are twisting and perverting their religion and how they are evil. The show cute little Islamic children playing. They show how these people are walking around like we do. Then they show a clip of some of them chanting. What are they chanting? “Death to Terrorists!” Over and Over. You see how that might not be a good clip to include with your “how regular Islams are not like the radicals” part of the documentary?

    So, it was a okay documentary and it could have been a lot better. It does get people talking and looking into the subject more then they would have with out the documentary which is kinda the point, but I have a bad feeling about it. A while back a judge through out a Jury recommendation for this big case. They were deciding the fate of guilty man and the death penalty was on the table. The judge through out there decision because they had used the bible to aid them. My thought was that they had decided not to sentence him to death because the bible teaches us to love our enemies and to forgive. Why would the judge rule against that? The Jury had decided to push for the Death penalty and had based their decision on such passages as “an eye for a eye.” I was shocked. I’m guessing so was the judge because he sentenced the guy to life. Some people will view this and say “Oh my God! Radical Islam is attacking me and anyone who believes in a different form of Islam.” Others will say, “Oh my God! All Islamics are bad!” That’s not the fault of the documentarion. The idiots who gassed the Mosque would have done something with or without the availability of this DVD.

    Here’s a link, they don’t seem to be promoting negative action but it seems like some of there suggestions ask for trouble if not done properly.

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