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Some quick video testing, starring Heidi Klum and Tom Cruise

I think the embedding for YouTube is different on self-hosted WordPress blogs than over at, so I thought I’d test it out. Which is nicely coincidental, because there was a commercial I caught while taking a break that, on sight, I knew belonged on my blog.

Because it’s awesome:

I mean, seriously! It’s Heidi Klum! Playing video games!

In her underwear.

(excuse me while I wipe my chin. There. Much better)

It is, apparently, one of a series of Guitar Hero commercials, all based on the iconic scene from Risky Business:

Which is also awesome. Watching it, one can see why he became the star he did, who was awesome right up until Mission: Impossible III, and who desperately needs not only a better role but also to cut loose a little. Anyone else see his interview with Barbara Walters recently? Since when is Tom Cruise restrained?

I have to admit, I’ve not understood the allure of Guitar Hero; seems like an awful lot of work to invest in mastery over buttons when one could actually master a real musical instrument one wouldn’t have to plug in to a console for it to work. I’ve been contemplating picking up a guitar this spring; it’s something I’ve always wanted to learn but never managed to.

All that said, though, I found a video of a drummer using a modded controller to master an insane song:

Totally rad.

But then again, looks like a dude who could probably actually play the real drums, too.


  1. Guitar Hero is highly overrated. And yeah, you could probably learn songs on the guitar faster than the game.

    We were contemplating a big giant loud drum set, but, the house’ll vibrate beyond control. So we’re looking into an electronic drum set. (Should be fun for recording).

    For all of the nights we’ve spent lately singing and practicing, it’d be neat to be able to make a giant production out of it, drums, guitar and vocals. I keep joking with Chad that I want to learn to play the triangle:)

    Christmas this year will not include Guitar Hero, or Wii Fit, or any of those games. It’ll be a real guitar, a real mic, real performance speakers, printed lyrics… I call it, “Real Kareoke”.

    Should be good times.

  2. I totally believe all that. I guess it’s just easier to push buttons than hold down strings (those strings can hurt).

    I think the world needs video of your “Real Karaoke.”

    Just saying.

  3. You have to earn those calluses, yes.

    The video is coming, soon. And guess who’s singing?


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