1. Sorry to hear you’re sick! Hope it doesn’t linger, and you’re able to have fun with your sister. Plus, moving while sick is a humdinger.



    Moving is such an adventure! I moved so much growing up, I really learned to embrace it. Chad and I went on our first house hunting trip, this past Sunday. I can honestly say, we both fell in love with the most awesomest house. It’s in the area we live now, has everything we want, including the potential to make it better. We wouldn’t even need a second car! Only thing is it’s a bit pricier, because of it’s location.

    I have four hours booked tomorrow to shop around some more.

    And I’m afraid nothing will measure up.

    Get better soon!


    Eat garlic. I don’t care if you eat it whole or dice it up and have it in soup but it will help your immune system. Take a zinc supplement or add egg to your chicken noodle soup and you DAMN well better be eating chicken noodle soup. Ask the pharmesisus for the GOOD nasal decongetion which is no longer put in medicines because people were turning into pcp or something. If your coughing up stuff get mucinex and drink tea with honey in it. If you have post nasal drip get a antihistamine. Last, get a house plant. No, I’m serious. They absorb polution, radation, and various other nasty things that aren’t good for you. On top of that they produce clean oxygen and when your mad you can yell at it. Now don’t worry about whether or not you’ll kill it or how you will bring it with you. For now it will help your immune system and it’s good for the earth as well. Buy one and name it Will Jr.

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