I think you have been watching too much John Stewart lately. Do me a favor and buy The Sword in The Stone. Nice little Disney classic. Yes it’s a cartoon and yes your a grown man, but if you can still enjoy the muppets you can still enjoy Disney classic.

    Just because people are slow to change dosn’t mean they don’t change. There is always hope for the hopeful.


    Just finished up our second day in St. Petersburg (out of three) and today we went to Catherine’s Palace. They have pictures there that show the utter destruction that the beautiful place sustained when the Nazi’s came through. It was devastating. Most of the rooms in the palace, including the famed the Amber Room, had to be completely reconstructed because they had been burned out, and the grand staircases had the ceilings completely caved in. In one of the pillars at the St. Issacs church, you can still see the damage from bombs. Very very sad.

    Anyway, hi from Russia!

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