1. MIYA

    I bet you were smiling as you wrote this.

    We didn’t get past episode three or four- the lake one. I had nightmares for a week and didn’t go back, despite how pretty Mr Ackles may be.

  2. @Miya: totally. And that’s awesome. I was about to tell you should give it another shot until I realized you stopped watching because you’re scared.

    Which is the one thing I neglected to mention: it can really be genuinely creepy.

    Which is rad.

    Have you read Heart-Shaped Box, by Joe Hill? You should. You’d love it.

  3. MIYA

    Yeah, there’s something about the whole waking up to me screaming in my sleep scenario that my husband doesn’t like. Though, I must admit I was given some really good inspiration from one of the nightmares for a rather twisted scene.

    No, I haven’t read it. Seeing as so far you’ve been spot on with your recommendations I’ll need to pick up a copy.

    Speaking of copy, I will most definitely be ordering a second copy of Entrekin. I loaned out my copy to a friend and she won’t give it back.

  4. @Miya: ha! That’s awesome. I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed it, and that your friend did, too.

    Not to be a tease, but wait’ll you see my novel.

  5. MIYA

    I’ve been pimping your book to all of my friends. I will have it pre-ordered as soon as it is set to be published.

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