I saw thing on wolves that were in colorado. They filmed them heading to a farm with “devious” intent. It’s night. They walk by the sheep in their pin. The Sheep look scared. The wolves walked passed them though. They walk by the chicken coop and they start clucking a bit at the sight of hungry wolves. The wolves walk passed them though. Finally the wolves find what they are hungry for and begin to chow down… on grapes. Apprantly, they like the sugar. Colorado wolves are strange.

    You say never down like settling down would be a bad thing.

  2. Lately, for the past several months, I feel like it’s been one long day. The days all sort of mesh in together. I swear Christmas was last month. It’s been incredibly busy everywhere I turn – I’m so looking forward to settling down into our house, and just enjoying the new space. I have lots of packing yet to do, and our wedding which is only four days away – WOW!

    One thing I have noticed, is even though the time has gone by so fast, I’ve gotten better at handling it all. Stress doesn’t exist as much because I’m in constant motion, always having to make some sort of decision, being very active. I’ve been more me than I ever knew I could be, and really enjoying it.

    Looking forward to your post, and your pics.

    Wish me luck on Saturday.

    (Everyone tells me the anxiety will set in tomorrow. I say, “Bring it!”)

  3. B

    That sounds awesome…I’m jealous of you settling into a new city while I’m still here doing the same old tired routine…but my day will come too =P I’m glad that you’re enjoying your new home and I can’t wait to hear more about the bump in the night…You make me want to re-read The Shining 🙂

    Anyway, I just stopped by to see how you were doing…glad to see all is well 🙂

    Good luck with everything!

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