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Scouts over FEMA any day

There’s an old maxim that news is not dog bites man but rather man bites dog, because the former is usual, the latter not. Given that, I question the newsworthiness of this story at Yahoo!, concerning a troop of boy scouts who helped each other and others after a tornado blew threw their area, solely because, well, yeah, they’re boy scouts.

That’s what we do.

Newsworthy or not, it’s a great story and makes me proud to be one. Well done, guys. Well done indeed.

Heck, if only the boy scouts had responded to Katrina, and not FEMA, New Orleans might not be the mess it is right now.

(actually, they probably did. I’ll wager there were scouts volunteering there, somewhere. I can’t imagine there wouldn’t have been)

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  1. Boy Scouts just set up before FEMA has even arrived.

    Here is the story:

    And for the record:
    Hurricane Katrina Troop 458 is still there

    Scouting remains strong in the areas hit by hurricanes in 2005. Immediately following Hurricane Katrina, and despite being directly impacted by the storm, Scouts in Troop 458 began cleaning up the community and helping senior citizens.

    “One of the best things to come out of this project was that the boys were kept busy,” a troop leader said. “They could take their minds off the losses they had experienced and focus on helping others.”
    (Source: Good Turn for America)

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