1.) A theme for the course(something that may be common in all your assignments), separate from what the class is titled in the course catalog.

    2.)You need an overview of what students will learn in your class.

    3.)Your expectations for the students. (materials/attendance policy/cell phones/late assignments/etc.)

    4.) A general description of all major and minor assignments.

    5.) And of course, contact info, office hours, etc.

    That’s all I can think of for now.


    Offer extra credit. Alot, but for like insane things.

    1 points extra credit – have your cat/dog neutered/spayed by a licenced professional.
    2 points extra credit – find out why some one said one day to them selves, “I want to cute off animal nuts for a living.” and write a papper about it
    3 points extra credit – Write a GOOD papper about it
    4 points extra credit – Write a REALLY GOOD papper about it
    5 point extra credit – write a papper so good I’ll cry

    You get the idea?

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