I’m sorry but the image of you turning fedora around dosen’t make you look like “bad-ass will down to business” in the least.

    If you want you could give me the e-mails of the agents who haven’t responded yet and I could send them pictures of you in drag in hopes they would be prompted to respond.

  2. @Gotham: ha, yeah, I have to admit I’ve basically retired the ol’ fedora; the LA sun faded it out, so where once it was black, it’s now sorta grey with spots that look bleached.

    I have a new hat now. I’ll have to post a picture of it.

    It’s still not really bad-ass, though. I’m rarely bad-ass. Don’t think I’ve ever been the kind of guy people look at and just automatically wouldn’t want to mess with.


    So your saying your the kinda who people automatically do mess with?

    I bought a fedora once because I wanted to wear it and be one of those people who look good in fedora. I didn’t. I was sad. What’s worse is my sister can really work them. I guess I don’t have the right shaped head.

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