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Publishing progress in a digital age

Two nice spots of news today.

The first is that I got a request for a partial of The Prodigal Hour. I sent along the first fifty pages, which, nicely, end on what I think is a rather awesome chapter-break-cliffhanger.

Interestingly, the request came yesterday. Which the observant among you will notice was a Sunday, because, apparently, the Internet and e-mail and the digital age have rendered the five day workweek quaint, at best. In fact, the agent in question came to my attention via Twitter.

Brave new world indeed.

The other is totally geeky but something I was relieved about: Google. After I deleted my MySpace page, the first Google hit on my name linked to the PODler’s review, which was an excellent review, except for some reason Google excerpted a portion of the comments to the search results, so that what came up, rather than that my book was “poetic” and “cinematic” and “the writing of bestsellers” and “a stellar collection by a writer of promise,” was that I was a great writer who was full of myself.

I guess the traffic link, or whatever determines Google ranking, expired recently, because now my website is the first thing that comes up. No mention of my being full of myself.

Which is nice.

Anyway, I’m obviously far more excited about the partial request. Also: hopeful. You should be, too; The Prodigal Hour is just a little bit closer to you.

So wish it luck, because the more luck it has, the sooner you’re going to get it.

And come on: you know you want it.


  1. Congratulations on the request; you have more than earned it! I’m sending lots of luck your way because I am getting impatient.

    You’ve made your own luck and now it’s time to start reaping the rewards.


  2. I think the comment about you being full of yourself was apropos, especially when your last words in this post are “you know you want it!”

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed about the book. Woot!

  3. If we didn’t “want it” why would we be here?

  4. @Fiber/Miya: thanks! And ha! Yes, the sooner the better.

    @Chartroose: thanks for crossing them fingers o’yours, but the real question is: why would you do so if you didn’t want it? Talk about mixed signals. Also, note, I didn’t use an exclamation point.

    But also: more on this soon.

  5. I totally want it.

  6. @Grey: you’ll totally get it!

  7. I thought wishing luck was bad luck. Shouldn’t I wish you brake your leg so that something good will happend? for that matter I thought you didn’t beleive in luck? I thought you belived we made our own luck?

    You know what I found when I did a search on your name in google just now? I didn’t know you were born in 1946!

  8. @Gotham: well, yes, but the wish of it never hurt, I don’t think. Send good vibes, is all.

  9. Okay, fine! If you want to give it to me, I guess I’ll have to take it. This doesn’t, however, necessarily mean that I want it, no matter what you may think. So there!

  10. @Chartroose: oh, no, I’d never force anything on anyone. But if you want it, you can totally have it. You’re welcome to it, in fact.


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