Obama does sound kinda scotish. O’Bama. O’Brian. O’Connor. O’Entrekin. Wait, that last one dosn’t work, yet, you can work a kilt. Odd.

    I will point out that just about all politians have double standards. They point the finger at each other all day. Obama seems to be a little differen’t and if he does it he’s respectful enough to hide it alot.

    She may not see polar bears as endangered because more are being spotted in towns but that’s only because they’re wilderness (the god damn ice) is disapearing.

    I wish some one would ask the canidate if they would have solar panels installed for the white house. Enviroment aside, it would make things cheaper and in the event a black out happend for like a month the white house would not be affected. Watch what happends when a person with a lot of power is stuck in a place with no AC in the Virginia heat. They would go insane and declare war on Canada.


    I admit to sometimes missing the point entirely because I tend to over analyze everything. That was just an admonition because it’s not intentional that I stray away from in keeping with what you are addressing, although it made my head spin in a million different directions and sparked more, at least in my mind, about the poor judgements of Sarah Palin and all the surrounding circumstances. I became agitated about a conflicting viewpoint in one of previous posts, wrote up an unnecessary, excessive response, and then held it all back (and kept it, liking what clicked in the noggin) for the simple fact that it was not in keeping with the discussion at hand.
    Thank you for that.
    Synapses were like fireworks in my brain instead of the usual feeling of being so beat at the end of the day that all I can possibly think is my noodle has a cat running around bouncing a super ball off the inner walls of my cranium. “Boing-boing”

    I know where I’m headed come November, and the fact that a vagina (sorry for the lack of sensitivity–it appears we are riding the Hilary wave since she is out of the race–the irony though, not a damn thing in common except both being women) will be on the ticket does not sway me. Palin’s ground on political issues and women’s rights is in staunch opposition to where I stand with my own views.
    McCain is a poor choice for President– and Palin, oh my lord, Palin, because she’s a woman, may even be worse than McCain, given her beliefs she tries, and with slight success has pushed
    Imagine the woman wielding more power. That’s a horrifying thought.

    Obama is the fit for me, and say hypothetically for some reason he is unable to carry out his duties should he be elected Commander and Chief, I would prefer Joe Biden in spades over Sarah Palin being that I think he is just as qualified for the presidency as Obama is.

    I agree. Maverick my ass.

  3. @Gotham: good point, re: polar bears. And I never thought of solar panels on the White House.

    @Rachel: I didn’t think that lacked sensitivity. Then again, I say ‘twat’ all the time, so.

    @Trista: ZOMG hi! Miss you, too.

    And really? Vaginas always impress me. But then again, I’m a dude, so.

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