1. Oh, man, my name looks weird. (I’ll try to make this not “annoying” or “noisy”;)

    I’m into hardcore packing right now, and thinking a lot of the same things. Like why the heck do I have so many freaking beauty products? I know I get a lot at Christmas, and nobody ever buys me the stuff I actually use – but several half opened bottles of shampoo and conditioner? Looks like I’ll be having a big spa/girls night in my new house. Then there’s my sheet/linen obsession. I can’t stand dirty sheets, so do I need ten sets of them? I don’t think so.

    I’m afraid to tackle my closet. I have way too many clothes, but, like you… I’m into dressing up. I always give my friends and family shit for wearing the same sweater of jeans all the time.

    There’s no doubt I’ll be donating a lot of Ethan’s toys, along with a mountain of other stuff. The diabetes association does door to door pick up.

    The funny thing is, sitting here with a wall of boxes behind me… it feels so Zen, I really love the minimalist feel. I actually could care less about what’s in those boxes. And that, for me, makes me question what I really need, as well.

  2. @Lisa: Congratulations, Mrs. Noyes! (so is that Noy-ez, or sounds like ‘noise’?)

    Zen is awesome. I have this fantasy of a mostly empty room, with nothing but a bed, a desk, a laptop, and a chair. Just… clean.

    (yes, I fantasize about a clean room. I’m thirty and have never had one)

  3. Heh. It’s like “noise”, I only just noticed a couple weeks ago that it is spelled like no-yes. And in my step-mothers speech at the wedding she joked that my next baby should be named “Alotta”:)

    I’m looking forward to the fact that I don’t have enough furniture to furnish our house. Can’t wait for the echo.

    My room is mostly clean. I think mainly though, because Chad is a severely organized person when it comes to the laundry. He does all of the hanging up, and keeps stuff mostly colour co-ordinated. (This was one of the first things I thought was awesome about him. That, and he’s an amazing cook.)

    I was going for a Zen wedding, but, in retrospect… it wasn’t possible.


    I bought this skirt when I was 14. I never wore it out once because I was worried about how I would lokk in it. I thought I should lose weight before wearing it, never mind the fact it was the right size and if got any smaller it wouldn’t fit me. The passage you quote metions eagerness to change into comfortable cloathes or the desire not to reuin nice expensive things and being careful with them. Does it mention a cure for the self affliction?

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