1. Heh. I actually live about 19 miles from Vineland – famous for it’s winery(s). I checked out the map, and saw “Trenton” – that’s where I grew up (till I was about 8 or 9) when my Dad lived in PMQ’s, on base, when he was in the military. Of course, this is all happening in Ontario, not Jersey.


    I dated a guy from Vineland when I lived in Vegas, and he was a little on the cooky side, too – he couldn’t go more than a few hours without taking a Xanex. Or two. Sometimes even three.

    It must be something in the water.

  3. My stoopid ex lives in East Brunswick. Come visit, you’ll never leave, indeed! Jersey is kind of like Devil’s Island in Papillon–a prison for the dispossesed.

  4. @Lisa: at first I was all like “Lisa lived in Vineland and Trenton? How did we never meet!?” And then I realized you meant those in Ontario. So that makes more sense.

    @Kristen: Oh, we’re all on the kooky side.

    @Chartroose: ha! I know the Brunswicks! Did he go to Rutgers, or something (that’s about the only reason to go to a Brunswick)?

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