1. I do have to comment on the classy way you handled such a critical review. Yes, it was mixed, my reviews always are. How could a review not be mixed when you yourself admit nothing is perfect. But we should always strive for perfection, just my .02.

    Yes, a 7 rating from me is above average, that would equate to a 4 star on say Amazon. I reserve 8 and 9 for almost flawless editing and boundary pushing. I rarely rate anything a 10, since I am classically influenced and I compare all contemporary work to their classic counterparts when I am evaluating. Might seem overly hard-ass, but I critique my own work much harder, and I try to spare everyone else my standards in that respect.

    I can see your point regarding choosing not to re-evaluate. To leave it as a historical keepsake of your journey is sentimental, and there is nothing wrong with that at all.

    And yes, a review is but one person’s opinion — hopefully a knowledgeable one — but in any event, such opinion may be taken to heart or not. My only goal is that an author walks away from one of my reviews with something of value.

    Good luck to you Will.

  2. @Cheryl: hello, and welcome! I really couldn’t have handled it any other way, I don’t think: you were kind enough to read it and write extensively about it, and flawed as it may be, that I inspired such careful thought, I think, speaks volumes (and perhaps as much as the review itself). I really appreciate the attention, especially as I noted, yesterday, I know how long the blog’s review queue is and what demand you’re in. So thanks on all sides.

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