I think it’s safe to say that my grammar and spelling need to be fine tuned, but I am happy to say the only things I have reviewed poorly deserved it. The scorpion king and the x-men movies. Waste of money, all. (not to mention my “Things that Would Have Made Me Want to Watch Broke Back Mountain” blog)

    That being said, I’ve read some reviews about movie that didn’t make alot of sence to me. Someone didn’t like Underworld because it was “Dark.” A movie about vampires and were-wolves being dark? What were they thinking? I read a review about Transformers and they only gave it three smiley faces because it was, “Not very realistic.” Who the hell goes to a movie about alien robots and expects realism?

    Alright, I’m gonna say this as nicely as I can. I’ve read your blog here and when you were on my space. I always enjoyed reading it, not just because you funny and have talent, but because I always enjoyed your little adventures into life. I’m not exagerating here. You treated life with joy, optimism and like it’s a adventure so when you talk about it it reads like one, for me at least… or maybe I’ve just read to many comic books. My point being your good and neat and stuff. Now, where as you have a decent argument about the intent and crap and how it has made certain text useless, books are still made and bought. How about you not knock the idea of them getting published in book format till you try it, eh? submit them and see what happends.

  2. @Gotham: you said that so nicely, in fact, I fear I missed your point (or that mine was unclear). I don’t think books will go the way of the dodo; I think they may, in fact, be the only perfect object in the world, and I would never post a novel online. There’s something about long-form writing that lends itself to book format.

    Less so publications/periodicals. Short stories? They’re not so bad online, I don’t think, and many magazines are concentrating more on web content, anyway.


    But magazines suck!

    How about you just try to get your short stories published if for no other reason then It will keep me talking nice.


    Because you can publish them in books. Like in your books. Either as a collection or at the end of your secound release of you novell. I realise your gonna say that may take years, but you can fine toon them to perfection by then.

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