1. Once, in high school, we had a bunch of our elementary school mentees running around. One of our science teachers decided to do some sort of cool experiment thing involving one of the metals–I think it might’ve been sodium, in fact–and water. Welp, it went awry. Blew up all over the place. Luckily, the kids were wearing cool, rad, fluorescent safety glasses. Ah, science, I miss you.


    At my school there’s this bulletin board for the Chemistry class but they never put anything on it and they never let other people put anything on it. I’m putting this, “heat + light + force = shit blown up” on it anonymously.

    I didn’t say you had to have fire to blow stuff up. I just said it could be kinda hard without it Maybe your a James Bond/Demolition artist but I’m not and since most of us spent every dime we had on the trip to the moon we can’t afford sodium. Most of us have blown stuff up involving a fuse which usually requires fire. Accidentally some of us have managed to blow stuff up with a blender, or microwave, or a electric tooth brush. (Don’t judge me!) So I suppose I would blow up something with a microwave and metal if the atmosphere would let me but still it would be easier with fire.

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