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Obama wins nomination! So who should be his VP?

CNN projects that, for the first time in American history, we have a black candidate for president, as Barack Obama surpasses the 2,118 delegates needed to secure the Democratic nomination.

This is, of course, not really news to anyone who’s been paying attention; Hillary became an also-ran as many as weeks ago. If I say that she desperately clung to mathematically impossible odds, though, instead of saying that she fought the good fight, I’ll probably be accused of misogynism, so I won’t.

Instead I’ll just say I’m both relieved and excited.

Lots of talk, now, about VPs. CNN notes that “the pressure is on” Obama, now, which I find rather odd, especially considering that, so far as I know (and I’d hope I would), McCain still hasn’t chosen a veep, though he secured the nom months ago.

I’ve heard several potential candidates mentioned. Three interested me. Edwards was the first.

Today, I read someone mention Gore. I’m not sure Gore would accept, though; he already was VP for eight years, and then had a failed presidential bid. He does bring both added cache (now that he’s got both an Oscar and a Nobel Peace prize) and experience, but… yeah, just not sure.

And then, of course, there’s Hillary.

Obama has said he admired Lincoln’s cabinet because Lincoln filled it with people he didn’t necessarily agree with; given that, maybe he would ask Clinton to run with him.

But then again, given Hillary’s performance in this primary, I’m not sure I’d want to run with her, were I Obama. She made it nasty. She made it personal. She attacked and went negative, and I’m just not sure that’s the sort of politician Obama would want to associate himself with.


  1. When hasn’t the pressure been on Obama? Personally, I’m thrilled that he’s secured the nomination. Maybe, then, instead of the Dems spending millions beating each other down and handing McCain the win, we’ll actually have a real election. I’m hoping, but I’m not entirely convinced that this election will be different. I’m ecstatic that I’m alive to witness this, but I’m also a little scared of what a real campaign that finally addresses race and poverty will do to our country. No doubt, it’s about to get real ugly.

  2. You wouldn’t be accused of misogynism here because both the higly trained political reporters, and the guys just winging it, have been saying the same thing. (Not to mention THIS time your right on the topic)

    Ignoring the fact that Hillary Clinton is evil and that she’s still hoping that Obama might get assinated (context or not I think that was a huge freudian slip or a hint to one of her nut job fans), Hillary said that Obama didn’t have enough experience and that even McCain would be a better canidate then him. Their is a difference between having differen’t views and beliving someone is incompetent. Like McCain, or anyone else for that matter, won’t bring that up.

    “So Mrs. Clinton, before Obama wasn’t capable of being president and now your his Vice President. Can you explain this change of heart?”
    “Oh, well I just said that before because at the time I didn’t have any good dirt on him.”
    “I mean now I think he’ll get shot so I’ll become president any way.”


  3. @Alma: one could argue it’s been ugly for years now, because, really, it kinda has. But at least now it might be ugly for a good reason, rather than just ugly for the sake of ugly (not to mention: stupid).

    @Gotham: your little dialog there made me laugh out loud. Nice.

  4. I’m am totally happy thet Sen. Edwards stated that he would consider the VP role. I don’t think there is a better choice. Much better than Billary and her lying conniving ways. Seriously does anyone think for one moment that the big O wants Billary and Hilliam hanging aroun the white house? What a fiasco that would be. They would get all the press with their underhanded antics while the country went to hades. O would haved to spend more time apologizing and making excuses for Hill and Bill’s behavior and less time running the greatest country of all. Now Hillary is going mum, that’s it hill. Some more childish antics. “Well, a lot of people want to know what I’m going to do… well I’m not saying. Na na na na nah. I have a secret and you don’t know what it is. Na na na na nah.” Keep on causing friction within the dem party Hill. Your drunken friend was just on TV spouting off. Unreal. You and yours are getting worse all the time. Like bad pizza you keep coming up and leaving a bad taste in everyone’s mouth. Get a life Hill and get the he_ _ out before you completly humiliate yourself and the democratic party as a whole.

  5. @William Rockstar Entrekin: That was my goal.

    @Home Boy: Wow. That was brutal. I’m not saying Hillary and Bill don’t deserves it, but brutal never the less.

    I have never hear Barack Obama refered to as “Big O.” Maybe if that catches on more women will vote for him. Unless he promises women more of them which is one promise no politian can gurantee.

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