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    I want to start by saying I’m pro choice; I don’t want to be mis-understood.

    I think it’s a good idea in certain casses to get people to work with a politian with differen’t views. Let’s say McCain was anti-babby seal kicking but a good deal of the country was pro-babby seal kicking. It’s morally wrong to want to kick a babby seal in my opinion but in others it’s a way of expressing freedom of speech. So why should McCain seriously consider a running mate whose pro babby seal kicking? Because he speaks for the people who are pro-babby seal kicking and they deserve a voice as much as anyone. Besides that, when laws are put into place about kicking babby seals, the people who are pro and anti need to be considered. As many people that hated proabition and were finacially affected by it their were plenty of people for it, but the people who were against it (such as farmers who grow corn for corn whiskey) weren’t considered. A law was put into place that people broke willingly.

    Now, I don’t want abortion to be out lawed but I don’t want lwas put into place that will make it easier for anti-abortion people to want to mess with abortion clinics. I think it’s wrong that some women use it more like birth controll, as in getting 10 abortions in a year. Will that be considered when they make laws if McCain pick some one whose pro-abortion?

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