1. Re: Hamlet – Dat iz da quesdun.

    My younger siblings tease me for being “old school”. I have no idea how to either recieve or send text messages. I refuse to write in that language.

  2. I seen da enemy n he iz us. ~ Lord of the Flies
    Sumpin smellz rottin out dere. – Richard III
    I killz fer fun an wearz nice cloths – American Psycho

    This is fun! It’s too bad I’m lousy at it.

  3. @Lisa: yeah, I’m not a big fan of texting, either. Though I do know how to, at least.

    @Alma: That’s awesome! And spot on. I’m just starting to acquaint myself with McDonagh.

    @Chartroose: I wouldn’t say that at all–those were awesome. Loved the American Psycho one. Ha!


    How about we do it with crappy movies, like the ones nickelodian makes. That way no one can say liturature is being reuined.

    I spi wit mi litle i.. _ Hariot the Spy
    lol – Sponge Bob Movie
    I can haz cheesburger? – Good Burger

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