1. LOVED Once!!

    I heard this was Josh Brolin’s groundbreaking role. But, then, has Brolin ever showed much promise?

    My whole thing about the Oscars this year was that, save that Tommy Lee Jones/Charlize Theron/star of the month movie, it was the only one recognized that remotely addressed our current political situation. I’d really like to see more movies deal with problems happening in contemporary America…or, I dunno, movies that deal with relationships on all levels–not just one note issues that are vague/dull at best.

    Laura Linney was the only worthy nominee, IMHO (besides Once). Making pretty people ugly does not warrant nominations…or, worse, wins.

  2. Probably one of the reasons I would never see No Country for Old Men is because I prefer films like Lions for Lambs and The Bucket List. Notice neither of those films made the short list for the Oscars.

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