you know when I frist heard that people were fighting Creationism I couldn’t understand why people were fighting it… because I had a different idea of what it was. If I were teaching it chapter one would be on the christian, jewish and muslim beilief of how the earth was formed. Chapter two would be native american beliefs (differn’t tribe very on how the earth was formed though some are similar. Chapter three would be Buddism and you get the idea. I didn’t realise it was a smoke screen for “why evolution is crap 101.”

    I like McCain and if he wasn’t running right after Bush I might vote for him, but I think it’s a bad idea for now. I don’t think he will be as drastic in fixing Bush’s problems. Obama will set a time table for Iraq and where as I was orginally against this I now feel that if we don’t set one, people won’t get their butts in gear (the prinicaple aplies to cops and statute of limitations on certain crimes). The most important reason I won’t vote him is I feel it would send a message to the republicans that they’re doing something right when they’re not. Both parties need some serious party renovation, but the republican party needs it more.

    The first time I saw Obama was on Jay Leno. This was two years before the election I think and he said he probably wouldn’t run. I think he changed his mind because some one told him to look around at what the other parties options were. This is the first time in a long time that the party standards have gone up, in my opinion. think of this way, out 10 points how many points would you give Bushes first four years? Got the number good. No based on that number don’t you think the republican party should have been able to find someone with a higher point scale then Kerry? If he had one it would not have been by a lot.

    At least we get some good jokes and blogs out the whole thing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=adc3MSS5Ydc

  2. ‘Tis true … shouldn’t be much of a race at all … and yet I am the lone Democrat in my neighborhood, in my family … god help me, am I the only one in this town? Conservative, traditional, “Christian” values are so deeply ingrained in so many people that they automatically accept such without giving it much thought. It seems their great-great-grandparents were Christian Republicans and thus they too shall be! Old habits die hard and – in this case – seem to be hereditary!

  3. @Gotham: I like McCain, too. He would have been great had he won in 2000. He did not, and now his time is past.

    @Fitch: yeah, why is it conservative, Christian values never seem so, well, good? And it’s always the smaller towns, unfortunately.

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