New look! Now with 1000% more awesome!

As you might have noticed.

What do you think? Pretty rad, eh?

8 thoughts on “New look! Now with 1000% more awesome!

  1. JOE L.

    Will, Very nice. How did the conversion go? Did you lose anything? How long did it take to switch the design? Just curious how the whole experience in WordPress went. Thanks.

  2. PAULA

    Since I always read your blog in my email I hadn’t noticed any interface or design changes. I would, however, like to take this time to tell you that even though it’s been a while… well… it hasn’t been a while.



    Very bright.

    Enough with the eye ball pics. It’s been done. Be orginal, use your thumb or something.


    @Paula: You totally just got a XOMG out of me (which is like a ZOMG only a step higher). Miss you. But glad to know it hasn’t really been a while. Means the world.

    @Gotham: Bright is good, yes? And I’ll keep that in mind. If I find a better/more appropriate picture, I’ll use it. Promise.

    Like, when I have a picture of my first book signing. That’ll totally be me in the world, and totally awesome, so that’d be totally appropriate.


    Bright is good, but I would hope you wouldn’t care what I thought about the packaging of your writing. Just what you wrote.

    I think of one of three things when I see you eye pics:

    1. Will need to sleep more. I thought I had red eye…
    2. Why can’t my eyes be a pretty blue. Their not even a pretty green….
    3. Will needs eye cream. I wonder if he’s comfortable enough to use it.

  6. B

    I’ve been away for far too long but I literally gasped when I clicked on your link and found myself on this rad page.

    You, my dear, continue to show your class. I love this.

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